We specialise in the manufacture of a wide range of discontinued and unobtainable classic car panels for:

Mercedes W111 Coupe | Mercedes W113 Pagoda | BMW E9 | Volkswagen Transporter T1 | other parts.
With over a hundred replacement panels that we produce, we can fulfill your next project’s needs providing a secure and fast delivery throughout the UK, Channel Islands and Europe, Canada, Australasia & both Americas.
By far the longest established manufacturer and distributor of its kind in the Poland, we are an independent manufacturer of classic car replacement body panels. We successfully manufacture a wide range of exact replica classic car panels for since 2013.
Each part is pressed in a unique manufacturing process, hand-finished to an exceptional standard and painted in our branded blue colour. All elements are made individually with exceptional care and attention to the highest detail possible while ensuring durability and suitability.

“The need to exceed all expectations and delivering outstanding quality car panels was the drive behind the creation of our Tłocznia Blach. Every day we work with pleasure on all projects and partnering with other professional companies to deliver best possible solutions for our clients”.